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Lee Gallaher is a self-taught artist who resides in Mukilteo Washington. Born and raised on a farm near Liberty Illinois, Lee was always drawing. Art was not looked at as a practical thing to do for a living for a farm-raised boy. Lee joined the Navy at age 18 where became a deep sea diver. After 6 years in the service, Lee settled in Seattle. "I saw Seattle when I was 19, and a part of me never left" recalls Gallaher. Lee went to college and then became a real estate broker. In 1990, while going through a very tough period, Lee had what he calls " a paradigm shift" It was at about this same time that the poetry started "welling up".

Lee has since this time written over 200 poems and his first book of poetry Credo. In 1994, Lee's adopted Grandmother Helen passed away. It was at that same time Lee was reading the book "Lust for Life"- about the life of Vincent Van Gogh.

"Something ignited inside me" recalls Lee and "I had to paint"- it calmed me. No lessons or training, Lee just started to paint. His first work was Helen's Irises, and was painted on a business folder with a children's paint set. A friend of Lee's saw one of his paintings taped to his fridge where he was finishing up the details. She asked if he had more, and Lee took them out of the drawer to show her. She put them all up on the wall and encouraged him to share his work.

This was over 500 paintings ago and counting. "I get lost in my work while painting" Says Lee. Lee currently runs his Real estate company, paints, writes poetry and is working on a couple books.

He is also a Reiki master and writes recipes.

Lee paints in all mediums. His work has been exhibited throughout the Seattle area.

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